Oral health in children

The main disorders detected by parents in their children are dental malposition (25%) and caries (21%). This is why orthodontic treatments and fillings are the main treatments carried out in children.

Apart from what the statistics say, healthy milk teeth (primary or temporary teeth) play an unquestionable role in different questions (matters):


  • Developing the capacity for intelligible speech
  • Effective chewing, which is of paramount importance for proper digestion and the creation of good habits
  • Development of mandibular structure and normal facial characteristics
  • Maintenance of the tooth space occupied by permanent teeth

These milk teeth are the child’s first teeth. They start to appear between 6 and 24 months of age. Altogether there are 20 teeth: 10 upper and 10 lower. These teeth remain in position until they fall out, when they are replaced by the permanent (adult) teeth. This replacement begins approximately at the age of 6 years and ends at 13 years, by when all the first teeth have usually been replaced.

Extensive caries, or the loss of temporary teeth, will affect all the points described above and may give rise to facial malformations, dental malposition, and defects of development, appearance and the viability of the permanent teeth.
Since oral diseases may begin in childhood, and caries being one of the most prevalent childhood conditions, parents are responsible for maintaining proper oral hygiene in children until they can do it for themselves.

Children should learn to brush their teeth as soon as possible; the recommended age to start is from 2 years.

Periodontal pockets appear, which are an increase in the gap or space between the surface of the tooth and the internal part of the gum. This destructive process spreads until tooth stability is compromised. Due to the loss of fixation, in the final stages the teeth become separated and loose, losing their normal location, and finally the tooth irremediably falls out.

Brushing after each meal with a suitable toothbrush, a toothpaste specifically developed for gums and using a mouthwash are essential for the prevention and treatment of gingivitis.

When the first symptoms appear you should go to the dentist to evaluate your gums and prevent their health being affected.

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