Lacer straight interdental brush

Because all gaps matter

The range of Lacer interdental brushes has been specially designed to provide effective hygiene of the interdental spaces (the space between two teeth), eliminating accumulated bacterial plaque and providing protection against decay and periodontal disease.

Lacer interdental brushes facilitate access at any angle of the mouth, guaranteeing effective cleaning of the interdental spaces and special areas.

The Lacer straight interdental brush is characterised by its very flexible, straight, easy-grip handle, which enables better control and in-mouth handling.

It has a flexible neck for easier use in all interdental spaces. The neck of the brush secures the wire firmly to prevent it from detaching, extending its lifespan. The long-lasting wire enables repeated use.

Each one of the parts of the Lacer interdental brush has been painstakingly designed to deliver a brush which, besides cleaning, protects the teeth and gums, featuring the following characteristics:


Long-lasting Tynex® filaments.

In the presence of moisture (saliva) they swell up for greater friction.

Filaments that avoid damaging the surfaces of the gums and teeth.


  • Long-lasting surgical wire with high resistance to breakage.
  • The finest wire with maximum strength.
  • Complete polyurethane coating.
  • More hygienic, it prevents bacteria from settling on the wire reel.
  • Protects the gums and enamel from accidental injury.
  • White-coloured, to promote a clinical appearance that encourages patients to use it.
  • It has no galvanic effect on implants and fillings by avoiding metal against metal contact.


  • Non-slip effect, for complete control even with wet hands.
  • Two-material design.
  • With colours to facilitate identification.

Blister case:

  • Reusable, it can be opened and closed several times to store unused brushes in perfect conditions.

Protective cap:

  • Each interdental brush has its own cap.
  • It affords hygienic protection for storage in optimal conditions.
Lacer straight interdental brush

Presentation and coding

  • Ultra fine 6 units (N.C. 159268.2)
  • Extra fine soft 6 units (N.C. 15O53O.9)
  • Extra fine 6 units (N.C. 15O527.9)
  • Fine 6 units (N.C. 15O528.6)
  • Conical 6 units (N.C. 15O529.3)
  • Straight extra fine soft 10 units (N.C. 163239.5)
  • Straight extra fine 10 units (N.C. 163240.1)


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