Lacer toothbrushes

A brush for every requirement

Choosing a suitable toothbrush is essential for good dental health. Everybody needs a different type of brush, depending on their preferences and the characteristics of their teeth.

At Lacer we have a wide range of brushes that respond to every need.

Lacer Hard Toothbrush

For people looking for a more intense brushing sensation and who do not have sensitive teeth or gum problems. Bristle diameter of 0.009 inches.

Lacer Medium Toothbrush

For complete daily oral hygiene. Bristle diameter of 0.008 inches.

Lacer Soft Toothbrush

For people with sensitive or delicate gums. Its internal bristles with a diameter of 0.007 inches effectively remove dental plaque from teeth and the external bristles of 0.006 clean away the plaque more gently in the gum area.

Lacer Extra Soft Toothbrush

For oral hygiene in cases of dental hyperaesthesia (sensitive teeth) and/or with extremely delicate gums with a tendency to bleed easily. This brush is indicated in the healing phase after the use of the Lacer Surgical Toothbrush. Outer 0.005-inch and inner 0.004-inch bristles.

Lacer toothbrushes in different colors

Lacer Surgical Toothbrush

For oral hygiene immediately after surgery in the mouth. Its extremely soft bristles are ideal for maintaining hygiene in the healing area without damaging it. Bristle diameter of 0.003 inches.

Lacer Orthodontic Toothbrush

For daily oral hygiene for wearers of orthodontic appliances. Bristles of different sizes with a V-shaped cut that allow the user to maintain complete oral hygiene, eliminating dental plaque and protecting the gums, as well as eliminating traces of food and plaque deposited on orthodontic braces, bands and wires. Outer 0.007-inch and inner 0.008-inch bristles.

GingiLacer toothbrush

Special care for gums. Flexible, micro-fine PBT monofilaments, very gentle on gums. They remove dental plaque and effectively clean the interdental and supragingival spaces, caring for the gums and preventing inflammation.

Lacer Blanc Toothbrush

Special bristles that help remove stains on teeth from certain foods, wine, tea, coffee, etc. without damaging tooth enamel, keeping the gums healthy.



 Handle: two-material, anatomical, with a flexible neck without memory that allows the user to adjust the brushing pressure without breakage. Material Co-polyester BR 003.

Tynex bristles: highly flexible, adapting perfectly to the interdental spaces and any relief of the tooth’s surface.

Tynex textured bristles: the outer bristles with larger textured surface act directly against the most resistant bacterial plaque (the gum line and interdental spaces) and aid better distribution of the toothpaste over teeth and gums. The Tynex textured bristles have different hardnesses that are combined to adapt to all brushing styles and users.

Head: small, fully rounded diamond-shaped to facilitate brushing of surfaces that are hard toe reach, thus preventing harm to the gums and oral mucosa.

Cap: exclusive protection for Lacer Toothbrushes to avoid external contamination.

Blister pack/Case: brush holder.

Presentation and coding

  • Lacer Hard Toothbrush (N.C. 162834.3)
  • Lacer Medium Toothbrush (N.C. 162974.6)
  • Lacer Soft Toothbrush (N.C. 162982.1)
  • Lacer Extra Soft Toothbrush (N.C. 162990.6)
  • Lacer Surgical Toothbrush (N.C. 163006.3)
  • Lacer Orthodontic Toothbrush (N.C. 333583.6)
  • Lacer Blanc Toothbrush (N.C. 153937.3)
  • GingiLacer Toothbrush (N.C. 164407.7)
  • Lacer Travel Toothbrush (N.C. 164799.3)


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Periodontal Disease

Periodontal Disease Periodontal disease affects health of the gums and, classically speaking, is divided into two groups: Gingivitis. Periodontitis. Gingivitis is an inflammation of the gums characterised by bleeding, irritation and increased sensitivity. It is...

Dental caries

Dental caries Caries, or tooth decay, is a disease characterised by a series of reactions that causes the softening of the hard dental tissues. If left untreated it advances from the surface inwards, eventually leading to the irreversible destruction of the tooth....

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